About Our Company

EnergyOurs provides the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s Data Center and Industrial environments.
We aim to plays a key role in the integration and optimization of critical electrical energy systems, by providing the latest automation innovation to our customers, with our approach to minimize risk, increase energy efficiency and precise power utilization records.

Building on our network of strategic business partnership, we helps our customers create efficient, intelligent real-time monitoring system of their electrical network. Our unified solutions help customers to achieve operational and financial targets via real-time energy management including historical data archiving.

EnergyOurs is positioned to respond to the needs of our customers in today’s challenging and ever changing market.

Our Commitment – Deliver best-in-class customer service and technical support that is testimonial of how EnergyOurs manage our business.

Our Values – Focus on providing solutions that make electrical energy system more reliable and economical through innovation, reliability and quality products.

Our Strategic Partnership – Develop portfolio of long-term strategic partnership with leading industry leaders, to develop solutions that solve our customer’s operation challenges.

Our Quality – Every product must meets the highest industry standards that are either UL listed, CE, CSA, CCC or NOM certified.

Our Reliability – Every customer trust EnergyOurs because of the reliability of our commitment and focus on quality, such as our product training and education programs.

Our Business – multiple industries sectors that EnergyOurs Automation serves:

a. Electric Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution
b. Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical
c. Manufacturing
d. Metals and Mining
e. Mission-Critical Data Center
f. Transportation
g. Universities & Educational Institutes
h. Commercial Buildings & Facilities
i. Engineering, Procurement and Construction Firms