Cod. PFSW310-PH

Software in the version up to 8 channels for the management of electrical energy consumption and other energy sources (gas, water, steam, etc.), environmental parameters (level lighting, temperature, calories, compressed air, etc.). Management of historical data (numerical and graphical reports), online measurement, power quality, calendars, measurement campaigns, event logs, alarms, cost centers, export of data, etc. PostgreSQL database. Version with hardware protection on USB key.

The features of Energy Brain can be further expanded through the following options:
– Cod. PFSW430-00 Option Energy Brain Log Report: the option for automatically sending emails with various types of reports.

– Cod. PFSW400-00 Option Energy Brain Personal Report: option developed for those who want to automate the sending of energy reporting, such as energy consultants.

– Cod. PFSW410-SK Energy Brain Counters:software for generating reports containing the values of the energy counters of all instruments of any location on the network.

– Cod. PFSWEC2-HK Energy Brain Cloud:software allowing to display and manage through a web browser on different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) the real-time data, measures and historical graphs acquired by Electrex instruments.

Datasheet ENERGY BRIAN *Download Product PDF*