Intelligent Fast Load Shedding Software - ILS™


Intelligent Load Shedding is a model-driven load shedding system with predictive solutions optimization techniques that improves response time and makes fast, optimum, and reliable load shedding decisions, with conditions such as instantaneous response to disturbances, loss of generation, unplanned outages, and restoration.

Predictive Load Shedding calculates the minimum required MW to be shed for each subsystem according to the type and location of the disturbance, actual operating generation, spin reserve, loading, configuration, load distribution, and priority. Predictive Load Shedding then selects the best combination of loads that will satisfy this requirement. All of this is executed in less than a few milliseconds after a disturbance occurs in the system for transient events or after user-defined time delay for steady-state overload conditions.

Fast Load Shedding Benefits

• Eliminate unnecessary load shedding
• Reduction of downtime for critical loads
• Reduction of spinning reserve requirements
• Reliable load preservation system
• Fast response to disturbances
• Operator alerts for marginal operating conditions
• Display required minimum MW & selected loads
• Trigger & time dependent load shedding
• User-definable control logics & macros
• User-definable system triggers
• Operator-friendly interface
• Display operating & recommended spin reserve
• VFD load reduction control
• System islanding logic
• Display monitored data on the one-line diagram
• Predict system response after load shed
• Log & view load shedding actions & recommendations
• Unlimited load shedding schedules
• User-defined load priority & groups
• Option to simulate & test ILS recommendations

Why ETAP Proactive Load Shedding is Unique

• Intelligent Load Shedding is an integral part of ETAP. This model based load shedding system is a patented technology that works directly with the ETAP one-line diagram, analysis modules, and real-time applications.
• This model driven load shedding system works on a concept of prediction of system response to different disturbances under the actual system operating conditions.
• Intelligent Load Shedding provides fast optimal load shedding solutions under both transient and steady-state system conditions.
• Automatic Load Shedding provides the operator the capability to change the load shedding priority, logic, and schedules directly from the one-line diagram with user-friendly interfaces. For any changes, ILS automatically updates the ILS Controller programs.