Substation Automation Management System Software - iSub™


iSub is an integrated substation for new and retrofit installations powered by ETAP. Intelligent Substation Automation (iSub) provides protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation solution.

iSub is the brain of the substation that interfaces with its peers to adapt and respond to dynamically changing system conditions. Since Intelligent Substation is built on the ETAP platform, it can seamlessly interface with ETAP. This built-in expansion capability allows you to utilize the advanced capabilities of ETAP as a distributed control system for electrical power systems with all the ETAP Real-Time software functionalities.

Substation Automation Management System Software – iSub™ Key Features

• Automatic supervision of interlocks
• Graphical presentations of safety procedures
• Local & global alarm & warnings
• Detect fault location – useful for distribution systems
• Equipment diagnostics
• Intelligent interlocking system
• Diagnostics of disturbances
• Automation with supervisory & advisory control
• Substation control via operator
• Enforce complex logic for device protection & coordination
• Programmable Logic Editor with online compiling & execution
• Automatic generation of switching sequences
• Enterprise-wide view of system via intelligent one-line diagram
• Automated retrieval of all data from the substation
• Security control with multiple access levels
• Supporting third party SCADA technology

Substation Automation Management System Software – iSub™ Benefits
• Minimizes outages
• Reduces operating & maintenance costs
• Enhances information management
• Improves productivity
• Improves asset management