SLNG Terminal Phase 1 & 2



ETAP Real Time Solution

Integration and deployment of Power System Monitoring & Simulation (PSMS) applications that allow SLNG to centralised their electrical power monitoring system from multiple substation within LNG terminal.

Deployment of ETAP PSMS system involve configuration of state-of-the-art software and hardware interface, which provide SLNG with intelligent real-time monitoring data.

Customization of ETAP PSMS interface accordingly with unique solutions to meet SLNG highly demanding operation enviorment, and continuous upgrading of existing hardware.

We have gained valuable experience and knowledge through our continuous support of SLNG project, and cooperating with various hardware and software vendors involved in this historic first LNG terminal project for Singapore.

EnergyOurs Automation is proud to be able to participate in Singapore’s effort to produce much lower carbon emissions and help protect our enviorment.

Electrical Panel Retrofitting Works

energyours-Hoist-Controller-Hose-Pit-82_2   energyours-Hoist-Controller-Hose-Pit-82_4

Troubleshooting & Retrofitting Work of Hoist Control Panel

Perform troubleshooting and recommend replacement of existing electrical panel, including the hoist controller.

Design, installation and testing of new panel. Design new panel including proper shield cable entries and meet IP55 protection standard. The new panel comes with proper labeling for which control push button which is important for safe operation and maintenance inspection.

Replacement of faulty host control circuit, installation and retrofitting of new control circuit breaker with strict IEC standard compliance. Testing of new hoist control circuit with proper documentation.